the issue

Memphians are charged too much for power and are impacted by fossil fuel pollution. For too long, TVA has neglected to meet Memphians’ needs for affordable, equitable and clean energy and is now trying to lock Memphis into decades more of the status quo: polluting our air, spending millions of dollars on corporate jets while our low-income neighbors get their power shut off, and blocking investment in clean, affordable solar energy that would make our communities healthier and more resilient.

the solutions

Memphis is at a historic turning point where it could chart a new course to energy justice and affordable, equitable and clean energy. Reducing energy waste through energy efficiency and harnessing low-cost renewable power would lower bills for customers and help reduce the pollution that harms our community. Memphis leaders must work to give MLGW the autonomy needed to bring home the benefits of energy efficiency and low-cost clean energy, even if it means leaving TVA.


MEMPHIS HAS THE POWER is a campaign to ensure Memphians have affordable, equitable, and clean energy. We are working to achieve energy justice and create a cleaner, more prosperous Memphis.


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