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MLGW’s Power Supply Decision is Not an Either/Or, Best Option for Right Now is to Buy Time

Transformational Benefits for Memphis from the Inflation Reduction Act

TVA Misleading Memphis on Reliability, Consistently Imports Power from Neighbor MISO

Evaluation Shows Memphians Would Benefit from New Power Supply, More Information Will Reveal Benefits

10 Key Questions to Ask as Memphis Considers Future of Electricity Supply

Coal Ash Town Hall Underscores Need for More Public Oversight of TVA

U.S. Senate to hold hearing on Biden-appointed TVA Board nominees on April 6

Memphis Is Evaluating New Electricity Suppliers

TVA Utility Customers Appeal FERC’s Decision Preventing Access to TVA’s Transmission

TVA’s Response to Congressional Oversight Inquiry is Inadequate and Misleading

House Committee on Energy and Commerce Calls for Long-Overdue TVA Oversight

Memphis City Council adds another layer of protection against future pipelines

TVA Board gives away power plant decision-making authority to CEO Jeff Lyash, while also giving him a raise

Tennesseeans Prepare to Lock Arms as They’re Locked Out from TVA’s Board Meeting

Customers Remain Without Options in TVA’s Fence

Memphis City Council passes one law protecting Memphians from oil pipeline pollution. Other laws still pending.

With Byhalia Pipeline In The Rear View, Memphis Can Focus On A Clean Energy Future

TVA mistruths highlight need for more oversight over unregulated monopoly power company 

Oil pipeline company agrees to pause project, Memphis City Council delays vote on ordinance

Memphian Rep. Steve Cohen introduces bill to improve coal ash clean up

Memphis City Council delays vote on pipeline ordinance

Memphis City Council Adopts Climate Action Plan

Nothing to Lose, everything to gain: Memphians will only benefit from MLGW’s request for proposals

Memphis Elected Officials Reject Byhalia Pipeline

After six-month delay, MLGW’s process to find an alternative energy supply gets an unexpected restart

TVA Lost Its Way on Energy Efficiency, Now It’s Dragging Southeast Down and Pushing Customer Bills Up

Byhalia Pipeline is contrary to the future we need

The lights just flickered in Memphis. What happens next really matters.

City Council and MLGW have a Triple Play Opportunity for Memphis

Real numbers within reach, MLGW Board approves RFP process, awaits Memphis City Council vote

MLGW Board nears decision, TVA offer fails to impress

TVA Board Firings and a Time of Reckoning for Memphis

Sunblockers: 'Solar in the Southeast' Annual Report (Part 5)

TVA response to possible MLGW exit raises more questions than it answers

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

SACE Hosts Virtual Energy Town Hall as part of Memphis Has the Power Campaign

How Much Money Could Memphis Save if MLGW Leaves TVA?

TVA Bait and Switch: Says local utilities can self-generate 5% of energy, then offers program that only allows 1-2%

Memphis: The Time is Right to Do What is Right and Take Action 

Stories from the Renew TN Campaign

Just How Unaffordable Is Energy in Memphis?

Should MLGW Break Free From TVA?

TVA Blocks Steady Solar Growth, Tennessee Loses Solar Jobs in 2019

TVA Proposes to Axe Customer Solar Program

TVA deceives the public and the press with misleading claim of solar commitment

Energy Efficiency: Codes and Standards and Programs, oh my!

TVA Board votes to keep rates flat, but customer bills could still rise

It Takes a Village: Memphians in the Fight Against Energy Burden

TVA releases final long-term resource plan, and we are underwhelmed


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