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Memphis will probably bid out its electricity supply in the next few months.

Council waits to see if MLGW moves first on TVA process

SACE Files Comments with FERC on Pending TVA and LPCs Case

After a four-month pause, Memphis, Light, Gas and Water looks to restart its analysis of whether to leave TVA

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland is stepping into the MLGW, TVA debate

MLGW talks of need to ‘reframe’ question of whether to leave TVA

The only thing that will really change is the cost but when will it be

'An unprecedented opportunity': Memphis' power supply decision is its best chance to fight climate change

With Memphis City Council and MLGW not getting along, the city looks to the mayor to see what he'll do

The 901: Did the Memphis Council just derail TVA exit talks by bowing to lobbyists?

MLGW board won’t meet with City Council over stalled look at TVA exit

We are getting into dangerous territory': MLGW board, Memphis city councilors question legality of vote

City Council rejects MLGW consultant contract

Memphis City Council Votes Puts MLGW Leaving TVA In Limbo

It looks as though MLGW will never make up their minds

Memphians Urge City Council to Move MLGW RFP Process Forward

City council and MLGW can create 'triple play' opportunity for Memphis by breaking ties with TVA | Opinion

MLGW board hires consulting firm to seek proposals for power sources

'Starting from scratch': MLGW hires firm to help manage bids for leaving TVA

Memphis split with TVA could hurt city's bond rating, but studies suggest savings by leaving federal utility 

From ads to Twitter: How one group turned Trump on TVA

TVA's biggest customer eyes split with federal utility; Memphis agrees to solicit power proposals to consider future options

MLGW gives OK to speed up process of getting energy-supplier proposals

In big step, Memphis Light, Gas and Water will go out for bids on its power supply

Claiming billions can be saved, TVA’s largest customer looks to begin courting other power suppliers

MLGW to accept bids from other power providers

MLGW will now ask for proposals as it considers replacing TVA as a power source

MLGW board moves to speed up review of TVA exit options

MGLW Staff Recommends Issuing RFP To Explore Alternative Power Supply Besides TVA
In big step, Memphis, Light, Gas and Water will go out for bids on its power supply

Entergy pitches partnership to city if it leaves TVA

TVA eyes split with biggest customer

Next step in MLGW-TVA relationship is probably request for proposals

Public Weighs In on TVA, MLGW

MLGW does not have to become an operator of power plants,' Entergy pitches partnership to Memphis

MLGW to decide if it's lights out for TVA

It's Time to Leave TVA 

TVA reverses outsourcing decision after Trump's scolding, executive order

President Trump fires chairman of Tennessee Valley Authority over outsourcing

Trump TVA shake-up could complicate MLGW-TVA issue

Here's when MLGW, and Memphis, will make a crucial decision about leaving the Tennessee Valley Authority

TVA private meeting with consultants to MLGW stirs pot in electric power debate

Opinion: Memphis deserves a competitive electricity bid

Community groups call for Memphis to leave TVA

Could the aspirations of a small Memphis utility signal the beginning of the end for TVA?

Questions, comments reflect complexity of MLGW cutting ties with TVA

MLGW Study Confirms Large Savings with Alternative, Cleaner Energy Supply

Study finds Memphis utility could save $1.9B, add more renewables by leaving TVA

MLGW drafts Integrated Resource Plan to address power source

Study says Memphis could save $120 million by replacing TVA

Entergy, the for-profit utility to Memphis' south and west, would love to sell Shelby County power

Report: MLGW could save $150M by splitting from TVA

Memphis could see more than $100M in annual savings if it leaves TVA, draft of power supply report shows

MLGW could save billions of dollars by leaving TVA

Stay or Leave TVA: Critical first draft report expected to say it’s more complicated

Tough past negotiations position city well as TVA question reaches critical point

On eve of Memphis power supply report, what you need to understand about the TVA competitor — MISO

TVA fights to keep its biggest customer as Memphis and other distributors eye split with utility

Answers on whether Memphis should switch energy providers available this week

MLGW, TVA, and MONEY, oh my!

Behind The Headlines: Should MLGW Leave TVA?

Should Memphis leave TVA? A pros and cons list for the historic decision

MLGW will save Memphis millions if they leave power provider TVA | Opinion

Study after study says MLGW could save hundreds of millions of dollars by getting electricity from different source, but MLGW wants yet another study done

Memphians, the time is right to do what is right


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