Could the aspirations of a small Memphis utility signal the beginning of the end for TVA?

Questions, comments reflect complexity of MLGW cutting ties with TVA

MLGW Study Confirms Large Savings with Alternative, Cleaner Energy Supply

Study finds Memphis utility could save $1.9B, add more renewables by leaving TVA

MLGW drafts Integrated Resource Plan to address power source

Study says Memphis could save $120 million by replacing TVA

Entergy, the for-profit utility to Memphis' south and west, would love to sell Shelby County power

Report: MLGW could save $150M by splitting from TVA

Memphis could see more than $100M in annual savings if it leaves TVA, draft of power supply report shows

MLGW could save billions of dollars by leaving TVA

Stay or Leave TVA: Critical first draft report expected to say it’s more complicated

Tough past negotiations position city well as TVA question reaches critical point

 On eve of Memphis power supply report, what you need to understand about the TVA competitor — MISO 

TVA fights to keep its biggest customer as Memphis and other distributors eye split with utility

Answers on whether Memphis should switch energy providers available this week

MLGW, TVA, and MONEY, oh my!

Behind The Headlines: Should MLGW Leave TVA?

Should Memphis leave TVA? A pros and cons list for the historic decision

MLGW will save Memphis millions if they leave power provider TVA | Opinion

Study after study says MLGW could save hundreds of millions of dollars by getting electricity from different source, but MLGW wants yet another study done

Memphians, the time is right to do what is right


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