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email comments to mlgw

MLGW has begun a 30-day comment period to hear from Memphians. Now is the time for you to raise your voice and let MLGW know you want cheaper, cleaner, and safer energy in Memphis.


Enter your information to send a customizable letter to MLGW, and include why the decision of whether or not to leave TVA and seek cheaper and cleaner energy matters to you personally. See below the form for notes to help inform your comment. 

Maybe you want to lower your electric bill or have more support from your utility to take energy-saving measures like replacing your light bulbs or appliances. Maybe you want to live in a city where your power supply doesn’t poison the water and pollute the air for generations, but rather serves as a source of local clean energy jobs. Your voice matters, and now is the time to raise it. 

Here are some points that can help inform your comment if you’d like to further customize it:

  • Residents of the Memphis metro area pay the largest percentage of their income for energy of any major metro area in the country

  • TVA has failed to significantly invest in meaningful energy efficiency programs and falls short of fully helping hardworking Memphis families and businesses lower their electric bills and lift Memphians out of poverty 

  • Several studies show that Memphis could save hundreds of millions of dollars per year by leaving TVA and switching to a new energy supply

  • There is plenty of evidence to show that MLGW needs to move forward with exploring alternative energy supplies in order to save Memphians money

  • Transitioning to clean energy, like solar, results in major savings for MLGW while also protecting the environment and public health

  • Breaking away from TVA and building solar farms in Shelby County would mean good-paying local jobs and local investment

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